July 11, 2020

CDL Jobs – How To Get One, Types, Requirements

Driving a commercial motor vehicle can land you a tidy salary, but how do you find the best CDL jobs?

Cdl Jobs

CDL Classifications

The three classes of CDL vehicles and licenses (Class A, B, C) indicate those vehicles for which you are qualified as an operator. Use this information to filter job notices, quickly narrowing the options to only those for which you qualify.

CDL Endorsements

Endorsements are additional certifications you can add onto your standard CDL license that permit you to operate a vehicle with particular characteristics.

The following endorsements, or CDL certifications, are available:

• H – hazardous materials transport
• N – tank trucks
• P – passenger vehicles (16+ passengers)
• S – school buses (11+ passengers)
• T – tractor trailers with two or three trailers
• X – combo tank and hazardous

All complete CDL job postings should include the vehicle/license class (A, B, or C) as well as any applicable endorsements and restrictions. Do not waste any of your time on job listings that you don’t qualify for.

Searching for CDL Jobs

A fistful of good sources exist for finding current CDL jobs and in many cases job postings are categorized (flatbed/trailer, region of the country, long- or short-haul, solo/team, etc.)

• Online Job Boards: Aggregate sites that collect all types of job listings are a dime-a-dozen. If you trust the site, use it as a component in your CDL job search, but don’t make it your one and only strategy. Be cautious of the information you give out on any online job board.

• Truck Driving Schools: If you’ve trained to drive a tractor trailer or other type of commercial truck through a school, it’s possibly a good CDL job resource. Many employers are looking to reputable resources to refer qualified commercial drivers and truck driving schools fit the bill. Ask your instructors and any career personnel at your school about current CDL job opportunities.

• Major Commercial Trucking Companies: Major commercial companies openly advertise the CDL jobs they have available. In fact, many companies advertise their career opportunities on their trucks, providing phone numbers and website addresses where you can find information on well-paying careers driving a commercial truck. Bookmark those career sites you’d like to revisit. Store applications where possible to help save time when you return to search again.

• Public School Systems: For Class C passenger CDL licenses you can check with your local public school system or a local municipality for transit bus job opportunities.

Additional sources include state and local government, excavation and large construction/demolition companies for CDL jobs.

For more information, visit http://www.cdlbjobs.org/


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