August 12, 2022

How To Pass The CDL Test

Federal law requires that commercial drivers hold a current CDL. The CDL test is not administered at the federal level but rather by individual states. In addition to federal regulations, a state may have additional requirements for obtaining a CDL in that state.

CDL Test

For those who wish to obtain a CDL, federal rules in combination with the variation in state by state CDL requirements can cause a large amount of confusion. The confusing nature of the numerous and various requirements makes it critical for prospective drivers to do some research to find out exactly what tests they need to take and how to pass them. Once they determine what is needed they can go ahead and pursue their dream of entering the transportation industry.

For those who can afford it a course from a certified Commercial Driver Training School is likely the best route. These schools offer extensive classroom education and hands on training. CDTS graduates are much desired by the transportation industry since they are so well informed and have plenty of practical, supervised driving hours.

For those who would prefer to prepare on their own for testing the Internet is a great place to find copious amounts of learning material. Numerous websites not only offer information but they offer sample tests complete with answers for every state in the US. First time applicants have easy, affordable (sometimes free) access to information meant to take the confusion out of the process of obtaining a CDL.

Whether a prospective driver decides to attend a training school or to educate themselves online, the fact remains that for the training to be meaningful it needs to make the person aware of what is needed to get to the point of even testing for the CDL. Certain physical conditions can preclude a person from obtaining a CDL; it is much better to find out before investing time and money to train that a condition will stop them from getting the CDL. Before committing to a training program, first confirm that you meet the criteria for being a CDL driver.

Preparation is the key to passing any exam. Course study saves the student a lot of time and effort by targeting the areas of study and by preparing them with critical questions and correct answers for exams. Learning from the pros is the best way to pass any state’s CDL exam. Online there are numerous websites that publish the latest state by state exams at no charge.

The first time CDL applicant must acquire a CDL permit which allows them to drive a vehicle of the type they intend to be licensed for as long as they are in the company of a person who holds a current CDL for that type of vehicle. After 30 days a permit holder is allowed to take the CDL exams. The one exception to the 30 day rule is that a graduate of a CDTS is exempt from the 30 day permit period.

Some employers provide on the job training to train their drivers. The student driver must still obtain a permit and to become commercially licensed, take the CDL exams. Every state requires the passing of a general knowledge written test and a practical skills driving test. A CDL test may seem intimidating but with study and practice it will be a breeze.

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