August 12, 2022


About CDL Handbook

CDL Handbook is a website comprised of a special collection of people who are interested in sharing what they know about commercial drivers licenses, while helping other people learn more about it and prepare for the CDL test at the same time.

The contributors of CDL Handbook keep you informed about the newest trends about CDL and how this may affect you.

We strive to deliver information and news that is important to you.

How Is CDL Handbook Different?

CDL Handbook is the number one website on CDL on the net for a number of reasons:

1. We care about you. We read your feedback and try to respond and continue to improve CDL Handbook.

2. We care about the commercial drivers license market, and we care about helping prepare for the CDL test in order to get a CDL job. We are experts on CDL and and you can tell by the thoroughness of our writing.

3. We’re just like you. Searching the net for information you can trust about CDL and not being able to find it, so we created this site.

4. CDL Handbook is kept up to date with the latest news and information about the CDL, the CDL test, and the CDL jobs that are out there.

5. CDL Handbook is free. You can use CDL Handbook at no charge.

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