August 11, 2022

Farmers May Have to Get CDL Under New Federal Rules

Federal legislation could soon force farmers across America to get a commercial drivers license, or CDL in the near future. Why would the Federal Government want to force you to have an additional license? What are the benefits of you having a Commercial Drivers License if you only need it to drive farm equipment, or on remote rural roads?

A Commercial drivers license is a license that you would get if you own commercial trucks and machinery, which has mainly been for over the road trucks and tractor trailers.  Now, it may be required for farm equipment as well. You migh assume that Farmers have needed them for many years, but this has not been the case, and now new federal legislation is trying to change that by forcing farmers to have one. There are currently states that are exempt to the changes, Montana is one of the states.

The cut off date for the states deciding on if they would choose if the farmers should have a CDL is coming to a close very soon. Kentucky is a state that is currently forcing a farmer to get a CDL. Why would states want Farmers to get a CDL?

Farmers handle large vehicles daily, such as tractors. They would need the special commercial drivers license to be able to drive their tractor in the road, or on the street. In the past, this wasn’t an issue, now it is. There are mixed feelings on if the federal legislation should be allowed to force farmers to get commercial drivers license. Why are there mixed opinions on the issue though?

Many people feel that in states that are rural or farming states a CDL shouldn’t be required. Most people will know that tractors and other farming equipment are driven on the rural country roads – and safety has not been a factor so far. It is normal to see farming equipment in Montana, Kentucky, parts of Ohio, Texas, and Idaho.

Do you feel that a CDL should be required? According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the changes would be for safety purposes. Would a commercial drivers license really make a difference as far as safety goes, or do you think it would just be another expense that farmers would have to pay, which would ultimately raise the price of the food they sell?

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CDL Drivers Needed By PennDOT

PennDOT, Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation is currently hiring qualified commercial drivers in eleven counties.

The winter program is already seeking applicants for qualified individuals due to the Marcellus Shale development and replacements for drivers who have retired.

Many drivers have left PennDOT for higher paying jobs in the natural gas industry, but those seeking current employment with the department who qualify will receive a benefits package and job security from employment within the specified counties.

For more information, those interested should go to for more information.

In addition to the CDL drivers that are needed, there are other positions throughout the state that need qualified workers.

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CDL Changes Proposed By Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) will possibly see a change to the CDL rules throughout rural and farm areas across America, if it passes. The FMSCA is trying to decide if the off-road machinery and equipment, used to transport goods on roads, should be classified as commercial vehicles wish would entitle everybody that drives one to get a Commercial Drivers License (CDL).

CDL Changes Proposed By Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Each state is allowed to grant exemptions for the CDL qualifications, and each state is different. Certain states may not be infected by this FMSCA proposed change because of this. If the proposed change happens, in North Dakota it would effect “tractors, combines and pickup trucks hauling grain or livestock would have to be licensed as commercial vehicles” and just be “another headache” says Sandy Clark, the North Dakota Farm Bureau Policy Director.

In Texas, if the combined truck and trailer weight is over 26,000, a new CDL must be in use according to the new rules. Where as in Wisconsin the rules would change the way people are charged for a crime included with their CDL.

It’s believed that all these changes would be beneficial to the safety of both CDL drivers and other licensed drivers throughout America.

According to, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) would change the way testing for entry level CDL’s would be given, or take place. The new rules would be in effect by the end of the year. This would be both a good and bad thing, since it means that if you already have a CDL, you would have to retest by retaking the driving test, no matter which level you are at. It may be easier to get an entry level CDL now, once all the changes are in place and effect.

Some states approve of all the changes the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are trying to put into place, other states don’t like any of them, or just a few of them. Since every state is effected differently on the Commercial Driving License rule changes, the reaction is different. Is your state changing the way CDLs are given over the next year? Remember all changes would be for safety reasons.”

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